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Ah-Ha (2007) -
"A re-mix of No Fits Please from Vocalise"

Cote De Neigh for Pierrette (2006) - solo guitar
"We stay at her house all the time when we are in Montreal."

Don't Know Who I Am (2003) - string quartet
"I went to see my mom and she didn't recognize me."

Double Vision (2007) -
"A re-mix of Views 6 and 12"

Elizabeth's Studio (2006) - string quartet
"There was a lot of building at the farm that I wandered onto the studio"

Fantasia (2005) - solo piano
"Just "discovered it", as my student Julian would say, on my computer."

Out Of The Blue for Joe Riggio (2005) - solo piano
"A neighbor lost his wife suddenly...... after few years he was finally coming out of the blue....."

Praise Poem For Bob and Elizabeth (2005) - string quartet
"Two of my favorite people. They let us stay at their farm every year. In 2005 I was there alone and I was thinking of them a lot."

Vocalise w/ Lise Vachon (2005) -
"Discovered ACID on my computer..."


Philosophies (2003) - piano / violin


After The Rain (2007) -
"A study in digital editing"

Death Beam Music from "Rebel Cafˇ" by Ed Sanders (2003) -
"Blame it all on Bob Holman... my first true "Performance" piece"

Mix for Jonny Mann (2006) -
"I miss him......"

Rain Drops Music In My Ears (2005) -
"Stole this line from someone I met on line...thank you."


Crossing (2003) - full orchestra with narration

Harmolodic Habanera (for Relâche) (1995) - flute / clarinet / french horn / bass clarinet / viola / percussion / bass / piano

New Hampshire (1988) - flute / clarinet / trumpet / french horn / bass clarinet / string section / piano


Appetite (video by Terry Ross) (1994) - electronics
Winner of a National Fine Arts Video Award of Excellence

Art of the Nimbus Indians (film by Anita Thatcher) (1994) - electronics

Hebron Holiday (film by Jacob Burkhardt) (2001) - electronics
"This music, composed for a silent film by Jacob Burkhardt, was commissioned by the Sedgwick Theater in Philadelphia. It is scored for voice and electronics."

The Bachelor Machine (video by Creation Co.) (1985) - electronics


6/5 Quartet (1993) - string quartet
"Just inspired to write."

A Portrait (1996) - string quartet
"Dedicated to Lise Vachon."

Birds In Flight for Jacob Burkhardt (2003) - string quartet
Jacob's movie Hebron Holiday has this as the opening

Cemetary (for T. Sherwood) (1988) - string quartet
"A friend of mine was murdered in his house. This just came out of me."
Available on the CD Fourteen Views From My Window One Winter >>

Fire Dances (1989) - string quartet
"Cynthia Gehrig gave my name to Kronos Quartet in 1984. David Harrington wrote me and asked for a quartet. At this time I had only written a short movement for string quartet. Also Kronos were unknown especially in the East. So I picked up an album of theirs and they were in black leather jackets and I didn't think the music was particularly earth shattering. I remember thinking 'so this is how mainstream leather jackets have become'. Anyway, I sent them my single 'Love Makes You Vicious' (it was already three years old) and said something like 'Yeah... maybe we can collaborate...'. What a 'SNOT!'... Within a couple of years I was buying up their CD's and they were the most famous string quartet on the planet."
Available on the CD Fourteen Views From My Window One Winter >>

Harmolodic Q (1993) - string quartet
"Inspired by my studies with Ornette Coleman."

Memory Q (1997) - string quartet
A string quartet version of the music from The Memory Theater of Giulio Camillo

Partitas (1988) - string quartet
"A set of pieces originally written for Kronos Quartet. See my comments under Fire Dances."
Available on the CD Fourteen Views From My Window One Winter >>

Rafaele (1999) - string quartet
Rafaele was only two weeks old when I spent a whole afternoon with her... alone. wow!!!!


12 Tone Violin (1978) - violin
"My only study of 12-tone music."

Bittersuite (1991) - piano / violin
Available on the CD Whims >>

Canta (for Tom Chapin) (1995) - alto saxophone
"I met Tom when we were in Illuminati and he inspired me to write this piece."

Fourteen Views From My Window One Winter (1995) - piano
"Inspired by a photo show of Ann Hunt Currier. It was a series of photos taken out of the same window on different days at different times of day. It was never always the same. I tried to do that with music."
Available on the CD Fourteen Views From My Window One Winter >>

Montauk (1989) - piano / flute
"I've been going to Montauk since I was ten years old."

One Sided Conversation (1994) - cello
"The first movement comes from a Theater production. The piece was built around that... and my love for the cello."

Three Bagatelles (Bag 11, 44, 55) (1991) - piano / violin
"My main inspiration was meeting people who could play this stuff: Martin Goldray and Kate Light."
Available on the CD Whims >>

Whims (1982-1993) - piano
"These pieces are like entries in a diary, musings on a particular mood in a reflective intimate fashion."
Available on the CD Whims >>


53 Ablon (2006) - voice
"Manu's address just south of Paris on the Seine... a great house.... of course this is dedicated to Manu, Christophe, Mathilde, Rafa¸le Theodora and Rita....the inhabitants."

All I Want To Do (1983) - voice
"A dance song I wrote with lyrics by Ann Rower for Jon Mann's Jump Street label."

Aurelie w/ Lise Vachon Lyrics (1999) -
"It was Aurelie's christening "

Bad News Lullaby (1982) - voice
"Lyric by Ann Rower. Life in the post nuclear world..."

Can't Write You Something (2000) - voice
This lyric was written by Maggie Balistreri.

Cellular Phone (1984) - voice
"I'm never at home I'm never alone I'm on the cellular phone... with you. Words by Bob Holman"

Cryin's Too Easy (1994) - voice
"Only song I ever wrote by myself."

Dada Mama (1978) - voice
"Love is the revolution unless you're dead." Lyric by Ann Rower

Don't Know Who I Am (2003) -

French Customs (1979) - voice
Words by Ann Rower. "I've got nothing to declare."

Guilty (1977) - voice
"Another collaboration with Ann Rower. Released as the B-side of 'Vicious'"

Gun (2001) - voice
From a poem by Jackie Sheeler"

I Miss Her (2004) -
"My mom died in March.....I wrote this in November."

Indifferent Aim (1995) - voice
"Yuko Otomo wrote the words. She originally called it St. Valentine's Day. Lise Vachon collaborated on the music"
Available on the CD Fourteen Views From My Window One Winter >>

January (1988) - voice
"Lyrics by Bob Holman"

Kickin' (1979) - voice
"Words by Ann Rower. A different take on drug addiction."

Lost In Maspeth (1995) - voice
"Poem by Lise Vachon. I started writing the music; we finished it together. It's mostly her song."

Love Crazy (Why are all the people I) (1979) - voice
"Lyrics by Ann Rower. The title says it all. My only sing-a-long."

Love Lake (1985) - voice
"Bob Holman wrote this poem when he met his wife Elizabeth."

Love Makes You Vicious (1979) - voice
"My first single... 'love makes you vicious, there's nothing to say'... Lyric by Ann Rower."

Made In Japan (1979) - voice
"'These days the matches are...'. Poetry Rap. With Ann Rower"

Modern Love (1980) - voice / piano
"Lyric by Ann Rower. The title says it all..."

Montauk (1992) - voice
"Lyric by Ann Rower. Written for the Long Island tribe on the 500th anniversary of Columbus' arrival in north America"
Available on the CD Fourteen Views From My Window One Winter >>

Nature Morte #2 (2002) - voice
Lyric by Steve Dalachinsky... "...too far away..."

Nice Shirt w/ Steve Dalchinsky lyric (2004) -
"It's a nice poem"

Placebo (1981) - voice
"'I don't want you I don't want you to go what I want is...' Lyric by Ann Rower"

Postcards (1997) - voice
"Lyric by Lise Vachon... Lise sent me postcards from Montreal and Paris... they were all about... Tintin"

Rock 'n Roll Mythology (1979) - voice
"With Bob Holman... released as the B-side of 'Made In Japan'"

Soleil (2002) - voice
"the one word..." Poem by Yuko Otomo"

Song for my Father (2005) -
"We went to Genoa that summer. My father was born there."

Way Blue (1989) - voice
"Ann Rower gave me the poem when she got back from L.A. after doing research about Uncle Leo Robin, the famous lyricist."
Available on the CD Fourteen Views From My Window One Winter >>

Yuko Cycle (1992) - voice
"Inspired by Steve Dalachinsky's poems about Yuko Otomo."
Available on the CD Ancient Music >>

Cicada Music (2002) - electronics
"Steve Dalachinsky came back from Japan with a tape of cicada singing and a journal. This is the music including the cicada singing."
Available on the CD Cicada Music >>

Cross Court (1984) - electronics
"Noises and Beats from The Memory Theater of Giulio Camillo by Creation Co."

Deep Felt Songs (1997) - electronics
I was bowing my guitar and Lise came down the stairs singing this beautiful melody. It's a wordless journey.

Eclipse (1991) - electronics
"Composed for 'Ann's Eclipse (Total Eclipse of the Sun OOPS I Mean Moon)'; the theatrical version includes narration and soprano… with Ann Rower."
Available on the CD Musique d'Ameubliement >>

Electronic Dances (1992) - electronics
"For the Neo Labos production 'Forged'. These pieces explore different tunings."
Available on the CD Whims >>

Harmotecknow (2001) - electronics
"…inspired by my study of Harmolodics with Ornette Coleman and techno electronics"
Available on the CD Ancient Music >>

Help (An Electronic Chamber Opera) (2001) - electronics
"This opera, commissioned by the New York City Queens Council on the Arts, is scored for electronics, two turntables, two radios, voice, wrench guitar and narration. The narrative part is taken from interviews I transcribed from health care workers in Queens NY and the story of my mother deciding to enter a senior residence at age 88."

Ice (1984) - electronics
"Soundtrack for 'Ice Station Zebra', a play produced by Creation Co."
Available on the CD Musique d'Ameubliement >>

Incomplete Direction (1999) - electronics
"With Steve Dalachinsky. 'It's easy to write eternity…'"
Available on the CD Ancient Music >>

KPs (Dong, Ra, Deba, Mi and Papa San) (1995) - electronics
"Portraits of my friends in Viet Nam… with narration and choreography"
Available on the CD Ancient Music >>

Meditation For Wrench Guitar (1990) - wrench guitar
Listen to Audio >>

Nam (1996) - electronics
"An electronic portrait of Viet Nam"

Stillife (1988) - violin
"Commissioned by Neo Labos Dance Theater, and inspired by a 16th century painting."
Available on the CD Whims >>

The King Believes In A Just War (1984) - prepared wrench guitar

The Ship Was Sailing (1984) - electronics
"Ambient music from The Memory Theater of Giulio Camillo by Creation Co."
Available on the CD Musique d'Ameubiement >>

Theme From An Imaginary Movie (1990) - electronics
The title says it all…
Available on the CD Whims >> © 2003-2019 Vito Ricci, All Rights Reserved