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My Little Life, book/cassette publishing by Séance Centre. (2017)


Help, an opera/work in progress, grant from Queens Council for the Arts - Flushing Town (2000)


Symphony for Amiga (2016)


The Flux quartet plays Vito Ricci CD recording (2007)

Flux Quartet at Roulette- Location One (2009)


"More Party than Arty" (1989)
Southern Theater, Minneapolis

String Quartets, Songs, Ann's Eclipse (1990 - 91)
Greenwich Music House and La Mama, NYC

"Songs -- Stories -- Electronics" (1994)
La Mama, NYC

"Whims" with Lise Vachon (voice), Kate Light (violin) and Martin Goldray (piano) (1995)
Roulette, NYC

Tonight I Dance Alone (1995)
The Knitting Factory, NYC

"Sundays in February" Series with Lise Vachon (voice) and Martin Goldray (piano) (1996)
The Knitting Factory, NYC

"Electronic Stories" performed with Lise Vachon (1997)
La Mama, NYC

Haïkus with Yuko Otomo, Lise Vachon (1998)

"little ordinary things" performed with the Knowmoremusic Ensemble (1998)
Sedgwick Theater, Philadelphia

KNOWMOREMUSIC w\/the Knowmoremusic Ensemble (1998)
La Mama, NYC

"Harmolodic Habanera" commissioned and performed by The Relâche Ensemble (1998)
The Ethical Society of Philadelphia

"The Dead Of Winter" (1999)
Microtonal Festival, NYC

Duet with Eric Ross (2001)
Montreal Jazz Festival

"French Customs" with Lise Vachon (2002)
Sedgwick Theater, Philadelphia

"Leaves Of Three" with Toshi Makihara and Wilbo Wright (2002)
Princeton Cultural Center, Princeton, NJ

"Songs of Redemption for Jean-Paul Vachon" (2003)
Brooklyn, NYC. Presented by Magalhães Music

Bowery Poetry Club monthly residency (2010-2011)

Issue Project Room (2015)


Launch of the Symphony for Amiga on vinyl (Laurie Spiegel's pioneering software) by Intelligent instruments (2017)


The Awesome Whatever CD recording - Bob Holman (2007)


Vocalise  CD performed by Lise Vachon (2006)


Arranger/Accompanist (1978 - 1984)
For vocalist Jackie Curtis

Guitarist with Creation Comany (1979 - 1989)
During the ten years I served as Musical Director for Creation Company, most of my scores included guitar

Musical Director/Accompanist (1985 - 1989)
For vocalist Christine Donally

Wrench Guitar/Syntesizer Solist for Illuminati (1993 - 1996)
Illuminati is a modern big band led by Joe Gallant

Wrench guitar soloist for "Leonardo" by Edgar Grana (1993 - 1997)
Microtonal Music Festival at NYU

Wrench Guitar & synthesizer soloist for the Magic Circle Opera Repertory Ensemble's production of the Grana/Vonnegut opera "Stones, Time and Elements" (1994)
Merkin Hall, NYC

Performance of "Meditation For Wrench Guitar" (1995)
Roulette, NYC

Arranger/Accompanist (1996 - 2003)
For vocalist Lise Vachon... Composer, arranger and accompanist for live performances, including French caberet show at the Sedgwick Theater in Philadelphia (2002)

Arranger/Accompanist (1999 - 2000)
For vocalist Tony Fish


"City Scape" with Santa Alloy (1984)
Merce Cunningham Studio, NYC

"Aquarium" with the Risa Jaroslow Co. (1985)
Dancespace, NY

"Stilllife" with Neo Labos Co. (1992)
Whitney Museum and Ohio Theater, NYC

"Almost Love Songs" with Neo Labos Co. (1993)
Ohio Theater, NYC

"First Ascent" with Michelle Elliman (1994)
SUNY Purchase and Ohio Theater, NYC

"Ann's Eclipse" with Neo Labos Co. (1994)
Ohio Theater, NYC

"Forge" with Neo Labos Co. (1997)
Dance Theater Workshop, NYC


"Panic *DJ" (with Bob Holman), a video by the Manhattan Video Project (1984)
Premiered at The Public Theater, NYC

"The Bachelor Machine", a video by Creation Co. (1985)
Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis

"Appetite", a video by Terry Ross (1994)
Winner of a National Fine Arts Video Award of Excellence

"Art of the Nimbus Indians", a film by Anita Thatcher (1994)
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Premiere of "Hebron Holiday", a film by Jacob Burkhardt with music by Vito Ricci (2001)
The Sedgwick Theater, Philadelphia


"Panic *DJ" with Bob Holman. Many 'underground' theater pieces with actors, poets, songwriters, including Jackie Curtis, Pedro Pietri, Mary Shultz, Nickey Paraiso and The EYE / EAR Theater. Also toured the US. (1978 - 1989)
Great Hall, Cooper Union, NYC; Public Theater, NYC

Served as Musical Director for Creation Co. (1979 - 1989)
Scored eighteen productions, including "Memory Theater of Giulio Camillo", and "The Duchamp Trilogy". Toured the US and Europe.

"Rower Ricci Show" with Ann Rower (1983 - 94)
Public Theater, NYC; St. Marks Church, NYC; Performing Garage, NYC; La Mama, NYC; Southern Theater, Minneapolis

Music from "The Memory Theater of Giulio Camillo" (1985)
Mentioned by John Schaefer in his book "New Sounds"

Arranged music for Ron Vawter's Obie Award-winning play, "Roy Cohn / Jack Smith" (1992)
Performing Garage, NYC; Toured U.S. and Europe

Performed "Placebo" and "Modern Love" in Jeff Weiss' Obie Award-winning play, "Hot Keys" (1992)
La Mama, NYC

"Bob Holman / Vito Ricci" (1998)
The Knitting Factory, NYC


Study with Ursula Mamlok (1974 - 1976)
Basic music theory

Study with Eleanor Cory (1976 - 1978)
Advanced music theory and composition

Study with Joel Gressel (1978)
Electronic Synthesis

Study with Ornette Coleman (1978)


'Music With Poems' workshop series with Bob Holman (1984 - 1988)
Composing music to accompany poetry reading, narration and Rap, as well as songwriting and synthesizer/computer techniques; University of Detroit, New York State University at Plattsburg, John Hopkins College

Taught "Music for Theater" workshops with Creation Co. (1985 - 1989)
Covered 'Musical Concepts for Theatrical Production' and 'Composing Music with a Computer'. New York University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Bennington, VT

New York City School System Shadowing Program (1988 - 1992)
The Leadership School, NYC. Taught songwriting (including the composition of Raps). The concept behind 'Shadowing' programs is that the student decides what they want to do and the teacher acts as a collaborator, helping them to acheive that goal.

Children's Chorus at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (1998 - 1999)
Brooklyn, NY. Taught songs for Sunday mass.


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